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At CFES Congress in 2018, which was hosted by Dalhousie University, when it became clear to Kirk Drabble that Dalhousie Engineering needed its own signature jacket. Engineering schools across the country such as Queen’s University and the University of Waterloo had long-standing traditions where first year students receive their own engineering jacket, except for Dalhousie. Something needed to be done! Rami Nassif, the 2017-2018 President of the Dalhousie Undergraduate Engineering Society, recognized the need to increase school spirit on Sexton Campus, so he supported the idea. With support from members of the DUES executive team, Kirk Drabble created a design and produced the “Original 10 DAL Denim Jackets” for himself and his classmates that loved the idea. These first year engineers were also inspired by Cameron Ells during CPST class when he described how he made custom jackets for his own cohort of engineering students in undergrad.

Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, so a plan was set in place for DUES to launch an official engineering jacket in 2018: the DAL Denim Jacket.

DAL Denim jackets are custom Levi’s black denim jackets, which have “Dalhousie Engineering” embroidered on the back and are sealed with the University Crest on the left sleeve. Within 5 years, they hoped to establish a tradition where all incoming first year students and all new third year students would receive their own DAL Denim jacket. After committing to a discipline in third year, they would all receive their own discipline patch to be sewn on the right sleeve. In addition, students in their final year would receive a signature patch for their graduating year. At the end of the day, the vision was for DAL Denim Jackets was for them to be worn at national engineering conferences and competitions, create more of a community on Sexton Campus, and give students a signature jacket that represents the best program Dalhousie has to offer.

The official launch in 2018 was timed perfectly with the University’s 200th birthday and the unveiling of the Design and Innovation Buildings on Sexton Campus.


Order Process:

  1. Complete the online hold form.

  2. Submit your payment to the DUES Office during Office Hours.

  3. Receive an email when jacket has arrived (unless DUES has jackets in stock).

  4. Pick-up jacket from the DUES Office during Office Hours.


What does DUES mean? What does DUES stand for? What is DUES?

DUES is the Dalhousie Undergraduate Engineering Society

How much do Jackets cost?

$120.00 (Discipline Patch Included.)*

How to get sized?

Try on a Levi’s Denim Trucker Jacket at the DUES Office or your nearest Mark’s or Levi’s Store!

Where is the DUES Office?

Click Here for Location Details

Are e-Transfers Accepted?


Are credit or debit cards accepted?

No. Only cash, cheque, or e-transfer are accepted.

Who are cheques made out to?

"Dalhousie Undergraduate Engineering Society".

*You will be eligible to receive your discipline patch after starting 3rd year.

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